Importance of Summer Training |BE/B.TECH Students | Engineering Graduates | First Step for a successful Job | Build Resume

Importance of Summer Training |BE/B.TECH Students | Engineering Graduates | First Step for a successful Job | Build Resume

Basically, engineering students resemble for their skills of technicality. Unfortunately, bit by bit in the last few years the quality of the students have been rapidly declined because of the low skilled B.Tech engineers in the market. Let us find out what could be the reason behind this and why summer training and industrial training has become so necessary for B. Tech and other engineering students.

Generally, the Companies expectation from students is to get quality education comprises of fundamental knowledge of their stream as well as basic practical aspects of the content. But nowaday’s definition of being a B.Tech professional is limited only to theoretical knowledge. The reason behind it is that there are a large number of engineering colleges now available, not only in the cities but in villages also.

Consequently, there is a continuous reduction in the quality education due to the lack of technically efficient faculties because these faculties are inexperienced and do not have much knowledge about their fields. They are only graduate themselves. For providing the knowledge of technology we have required huge no of quality M.Tech faculties who can generate efficient, skilled engineers in the market. Another reason is practical teaching is decreasing day by day in the engineering colleges because no one is there to teach practical applications of technologies, and the main motive of every engineering student is to clear the semester examination and not learning the application of technologies. The practical and laboratory are now just for formalities in these engineering colleges, no one cares about practicals.

This is what the reason behind the increasing rate of unemployment. Because companies are not asking for the degree, they are asking for a strong technical background. As a result, the popularity of short-term summer training programs is increasing at a rapid pace. Moreover, summer training has been announced as a compulsory part of curriculum, because summer training is the only option for gaining solid technical attainments in the present scenario. Summer training, it only done from leading training companies can be very effective in improving technical skills of the students which can surely help students to crack recruitment and placement programs of top companies. As, during these summer training are trained on live projects given by the clients to these leading training companies for the development, as these training organisation not only provides training but also deals in development services also. Because implementation is the best way to learn technologies practically. As for project development, one must have great practical knowledge of the technology.

Apart from the regular college classes, there are courses offered by various Institutes that offer you few professional career-oriented courses. They are also conducted on the college campus.

Here we have a wide range of such Institutes that not just offer you wide opportunities of Skills Development during Engineering, but also provide you excellent faculty, references and finally provide with the useful Certificate that increases your chances of selection! Click Here to get such Institutes in your city.

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