Importance of ‘Concept’ | Business | Start-up’s | A must to know fact for Entrepreneurs

Importance of ‘Concept’ | Business | Start-up’s | A must to know fact for Entrepreneurs

(If you don’t understand language read no further stop here and relax this is not for you. If you understand what I am trying to convey please share this it may help someone)

The major problem of startups is they die before they get their concept right . Most intelligent investors and entrepreneurs fail to understand that concept will not transform automatically into business. This overlooks costs start-ups dearly and plays havoc with their will to build a business.

Pillar of a business is the concept on which it is built. It acts like a robotic arm with sensors which corrects posture of robot automatically if it deviates from its given path.

Fine. Then what exactly is ‘Concept’?

The concept is an innovative idea which integrates all aspects of a subject which make a case successful .

Please understand the idea is not the concept. The idea backed by a solid understanding of that subject becomes concept … People think concept is an orphan given birth by an individual which belongs to him…..the person who develops an idea without understanding its practicality is like giving birth to a child when you are just 10 yrs old…..

birth of an idea is an emotion which has no wings. The Idea which can visualise practicality of its origin is the concept.

When you fail to read fine lines which separate idea & concept your business is poised for failure.

The idea is an emotion which pops up an individual to take it up and build a case for it . This case should be backed by solid logic which makes it survive through the growth curve .

A firm fails to survive which does not know the art of transforming an idea into working concept.

Business understands the language of profitability and growth through proper strategy. If you mislead yourself you are bound to fail with a good idea

Anyway, the time has arrived and shown its presence through examples of failed enterprises

Hope everybody has some lesson to learn. Good luck. !!!

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