Winter Training in Software Development (Core Java, Advanced Java and Android) at Grras Institute, Jaipur

  • ₹25,000

Come become an expert in Software Development (Core and Advanced Java+Android) by starting with Basics of C/C++ with the help of Winter training program at Grras Institute.

Product Description

Highlights of the Deal

This winter training will make the candidates expert in Software Development (Core and Advanced Java+Android) by starting with Basics of C/C++. The training will further include-
1. Formulate formal solutions to well-defined problems using the logic of a programming language
2. Implement formal solutions in Java using an integrated development environment
3. Demonstrate basic skills of using an integrated development environment (Android Studio) .

Objective of Training / Course

The current course provides a top-notch batch of Software Development (Core and Advanced Java+Android)

What will students learn or get?

  • Provide Training Certificate and Internship Letter
  • Interaction with students even after completing the training( Regular updates )
  • One-to-one guidance for their career.
  • State of Art Lab Infrastructure with 24 x 7 Lab Access Facility.
  • Equipped with our Placement unit cell for providing job assistance
  • 6 hands on air conditioned labs
  • Real-time response on students query.
  • 100% practical training approach
  • Absolutely free Exam preparation for the global certifications in the respective training area.

Program’s outline

⦁ introduction about java technology

⦁ java architecture: jre jvm architecture

⦁ java feature

⦁ java tokens: character set, datatype, variable, operator, literal

⦁ control flow statements

⦁ array

⦁ basics of java programming: class declaration, object creation

⦁ class member: field, method, constructor, initializer block

⦁ Types of class variable

⦁ Method declaration; static method

⦁ Overloaded method

⦁ Static and instance initializer block

⦁ Type of constructor

⦁ Main method in java

⦁ nested class

⦁ package compilation

⦁ inheritance; method overriding

⦁ aggregation and composition

⦁ polymorphism

⦁ abstract class

⦁ interface

⦁ adapter class

⦁ exception handling

⦁ multithreading

⦁ java architechture

⦁ Class loader

⦁ Byte code varifier

⦁ Java runtime data area

⦁ garbage collection; memory management in java

⦁ java security mechanism

⦁ fundamental classes in the java. Langpackage

⦁ Universal class: object class

⦁ Math class

⦁ Sting and stringbufferclass

⦁ Wrapper classes

⦁ reflection api: class class

⦁ fundamental classes in the java.util package

⦁ fundamental classes in the package: file handling

⦁ the collections framework and map

⦁ generics

⦁ core java design pattern

Who Should Attend?

No any type of prerequisite is advised for this training . A basic knowledge of computer system will be an added advantage.

Benefits to students

  • Experienced & Certified Trainers
  • REDHAT Authorized partners
  • 100 % Results in RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA& COE Global Certification Exams
  • Having our own WEBHOSTING CELL
  • Linked through JOB PORTALS for providing job openings and vacancies after training
  • 100 % job Assistance

Duration of the training/course?

  • The course is scheduled for 6 months.
  • Duration: Everyday 2 hours
  • We will let you know the timings as per the batch allotted to you. Stay rest assured!
  • By availing the following course from Edufers, you will be benefited by 10% off!


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