B. St. Coaching for Commerce Students of Class XII at Xylem Academy, Jaipur

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Now be a topper in your class by covering all the subjects thoroughly well in hand before the exams! Also prepare for future competitive examinations, while studying academics with Xylem Academy! Get 7% off if applied today!

Product Description

Highlights of the Deal

Students belong to this group are very keen and sensitive for each of the happenings in their surroundings. To nurture them, this is basically the best period of age. In today’s competitive scenario, it is indispensable to take few important steps, so that the child may grow up and take an early lead to ensure a grand success. We provide various personality development activities to strengthen them.
Teaching methodology is designed in such a way that students enjoy the studies and interact with their teachers.

Objective of Training / Course

The course prepares students to crack exams at a higher level so that students get well-equipped and familiar with academic exams. With key fundamentals and principles relating to this world of competition, the course builds knowledge and expertise among candidates to crack these exams and gain a prospective career.

What will students learn or get?

  • Foundation of each learning program is the strength of knowledge. We are committed here for qualitative studies instead of just spurious subject knowledge.
  • Notes are available for various courses so that students can refer to them in the case of any doubt.
  • Get all the doubts cleared by experts.
  • Students will be provided with login details to our website to enhance further learning.
  • Tests and Exams are conducted regularly. Analyze your weaknesses and convert them to your strengths with our experienced Teachers.
  • Student-centric coaching.
  • We ensure the best result for a student’s time, money and effort. Overall,  students get to learn at your comfort zone in a quiet, peace and motivating atmosphere.

Program’s outline

  • The course is designed to get better marks in class and Academic/Board exams.
  • Our batch size is limited so that personal attention is provided to each of the students.
  • We cover all the B. St. subject of Commerce, following the CBSE pattern. However additional topics will also be covered, in order to equilibrate  the syllabus for all the students from respective boards.
Who Should Attend?
  • Students of Class XII.
  • We also welcome students of all the Boards.
  • However, CBSE Pattern would be followed, which provides in-depth knowledge to state Board students as well!
  • Following CBSE Board will help students to crack various competitions and contests.
  • Moreover,  additional topics (if any) will also be taught to cover the overall syllabus of the student, be it a CBSE or a State Board student.

Benefits to students

  • Strict discipline for students, teachers and admin staff is applicable.
  • Highly qualified and trained teachers are recruited.
  • Xylem has been consistently proving its quality by its results.
  • Relevant, original study material and test papers are designed on the latest pattern of exams by the experts of Xylem.
  • Interactive Teaching Approach to boost up the confidence level of students for competitive as well as School / Board Exams. They have to undergo GD sessions on regular basis. This outstanding approach is found to be very helpful for weak and shy students to overcome their hesitation.
  • Personality Development and Motivational Sessions: The salient feature of Xylem enriches our pupils ethically. These PDMS are conducted regularly by Dr. Sobhagya M. Bhardwaj (MD, Xylem Academy) to inspire students for constant hard work. Time–to–time, some eminent persons of various fields are also invited to conduct lectures for general awareness and personality development of the students, teachers and admin staff.
  • We are committed to ensuring that no student lag behind for any reason, and also get the right information at the right time.
  • User ID and Password are provided to students and parents to check Monthly Performance Report, Assignments etc. of their ward/s through the website.
  • Online Test Series is also provided to our students to make them up to date.
  • There is no need to spend money to buy expensive reference books because Xylem has a rich library and the facility is provided to the students for any kind of consultation and learning

Duration of the training/course?

  • The course is set for 1 year.
  • We will let you know the timings as per the batch allotted to you. Stay rest assured!


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