Defense Coaching for SSR and AA Entrance Exam for Indian Navy Force at Motions Academy, Jaipur

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Advanced Defense Coaching for clearing SSR and AA Navy Entrance Exam by providing detailed fundamental understanding of the subjects along with continuous practice sessions and weekly mock tests and analysis of the mock results to look for loopholes so as to rectify them.

Product Description

Highlights of the Deal

High-quality, top-notch 4-month duration coaching for Artificer Apprentice (AA) and Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR) Entrance Exam for Indian Navy Force at the Motions Academy which brings out the maximum potential of the student with the help of thorough basic understanding accompanied by the most innovative and time-saving friendly methods of handling questions.

Objective Of The Course

  • This course aims at providing noteworthy coaching for AA and SSR exam aspirants.
  • Under this course, proper concept clearing and regular practice sessions will be held.

What Will Students Learn Or Get

  • Guidance at every step during the timeline of the ongoing course.
  • Concepts of English,science and Maths will be taught in an easy and lucid manner.
  • Sessions will be held to make students familiar with all the current affairs, general awareness thus enhancing their General Knowledge.
  • Language comprehension and power of expression of students will be modified.
  • Personality development, leadership and team building training also are a part of this coaching course.
  • Communication skills of students will be enhanced.
  • Weak areas will be molded into strong areas of the student.
  • Spoken English and Soft skill development of student.
  • Confidence of students will build up after completion of coaching course.
  • Strong core concept building.
  • Exhaustive class and tests.
  • Exam stress coaching where weekly and full mock tests will be conducted.
  • Assessment of the exam results to find loopholes, if any, and take strict steps to rectify them.

Program Outline

  • Regular Course :-
  1. Concepts and fundamentals of each subject properly explained before moving on to exercises.
  2. Special ticks and tips to be taught to clear the Entrance Exam.
  3. Mind-boggling tricks to solve Objective questions in shortest possible time.
  4. Special time devoted to doubt clearance in each class..
  5. Personal attention shall be provided to each and every student.
  6. PABT guidance, which lets students work on both machine and written tests.
  7. Timely Screening Tests which include Intelligence Test (Verbal and Non-Verbal), Picture Perception Test & Story Writing.
  8. The Psychological tests help students get strong in Thematic Apperception  Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Self Description Test (SD) etc.
  9. Weekly mock tests and exams.
  10. Students to be taught by experienced, well-qualified and dedicated faculty members.
  11.  5 hours classes per day.

Who Should Attend The Course

  • Students aspiring to crack various competitive exams like AA Navy Entrance Exam are welcomed.

Benefits to students 

  • Familiarity with the exam pattern.
  • Confidence boost up.
  • Regular revision of fundamentals, formulas, short-cuts etc.
  • Set and improve your standards with the weekly mock tests.
  • Proper Time Management Tips and Tricks.
  • Highest Selection Rate with Approximately 40% students get success in written examination.
  • Come in contact and get taught by experienced teachers.
  • Build up a strong fundamental on every subject.
  • Regular practice sessions.
  • One on one doubt clearing sessions.

Duration Of Course

4 months every year

Schedule Of Class

5 hours per day.

Next Batch

On 1st week of every month, new batches start.


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