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Winter Training on CORE JAVA(J2SE) at Code XinfoSolutions LLP, Jaipur

  • ₹6,000

This 1-month duration course provides training on Core JAVA (J2SE) and also covers the latest techniques and practices of the Industry.

Product Description

Highlights of the Deal

This course training on Core JAVA (J2SE). It also offers Programs that covers the latest techniques and practices of the Industry. There are Assignments and Research Projects, given at the end of the day.

Objective of the course

To offer students a comprehensive knowledge about the world of digital technology and prepare them to handle any task related to Java application development.

What will Students learn or get?

  • Student will learn everything in development of a complete dynamic professional application.
  • Student will also get a certificate and placement assistance will also be given by us after the course completion.

Program Outline

  • What is JAVA,
  • History of JAVA,
  • Features of  JAVA
  • About JDK,JRE and JVM
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Hello World Program in JAVA
  • Variables, Data Type, Operators, Conditional Statements(if-else, switch-case) Looping (For, While, Do-While),
  • Break, Continue, Comments etc.
  • JAVA OOPs Concepts(Naming Convention, Object, Class, Method Overloading,Constructor,Static,this,Inheritance,Aggregation,Interface,Final,Runtime Polymorphism, Abstract, Encapsulation, Access Modifiers etc.)
  • Arrays in JAVA(1-D and 2-D)
  • Strings in JAVA(What is String, Comparison, Concatenation, Substring, StringBuffer, StringBuilder, String Methods etc.)
  • JAVA Regex API (Mather class,Pattern Class,Regular Expression etc.)
  • Exception Handling (What is Exception and types of Exception,try and catch, finally, throw, custom exception,throws etc.)
  • JAVA Inner Classes JAVA Multithreading(What is Multithreading, Life Cycle of a Thread, Creating a Thread, Thread Schedular, Sleeping a thread, Joining and Naming a thread, Thread Priority etc.)
  • JAVA Syncronization
  • JAVA I/O(Input and output, Input Stream, Output stream)
  • JAVA Serialization JAVA Networking(Concepts, Socket Programming)
  • JAVA AWT(Event Handling,Basics of Swing, JButton, JRadioButton, JTextArea, JComboBox, JTable ,Image,Dialog Box,Notepad etc.)
  • Layout Manager (BorderLayout,GridLayout,BoxLayout etc.)
  • Basics of Applet
  • JAVA Reflection API
  • JAVA Date API
  • JAVA Conversion
  • Collection Framework (ArrayList, LinkedList, HashMap etc.)
  • JAVA JDBC (Introduction, Driver, Connectivity with database, Connection, CRUD Operation etc.)

Who can attend?

  • Anybody who wants to start a career in the field of Java.
  • A candidate with basic computer knowledge can apply for the same as we teach from the basic level.

Benefits to students:

  • Professional Experienced Trainers
  • Personal assistance to every candidate by our mentors.
  • Digital Library and computer lab facility
  • Special focus on R&D
  • Working on commercial
  • Projects (Live Projects)
  • Opportunities in Start-ups
  • Placement Assistance
  • Corporate tie-ups
  • Wi-Fi facility and digital library and many more

Duration of the course:

30 Days

Next Batch:

New batch starts every month

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