Core PHP and MYSQL Training at Grras Institute, Jaipur

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Now become a Certified PHP and MYSQL techie with the help of Grras Institute that offers training in Web Development, Javascript, CSS, PHP and MYSQL! Involve in its awesome projects!  Avail today to get 7% off! Offer Limited.

Product Description

Highlights of the Deal

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is the Web Development Language written by and for Web developers.  PHP is currently in its fifth major rewrite, called PHP5 or just plain PHP. PHP is a server-side scripting language, which can be embedded in HTML or used as a standalone binary.  PHP and MySQL have emerged as a popular open source technologies. Core PHP is used for writing web application whereas MySQL is an open source database. You will get an excellent platform for database-driven web application with the combination of PHP & MySQL. At GRRAS, you will learn all essential skill required for building a database driven website by using PHP and MySQL.

Objective of Training / Course

The current course provides a top-notch batch of PHP and MYSQL learners.

What will students learn or get?

  • Highly reviewed and updated study material
  • Excellent daily speed test
  • Confidence to crack difficult problems
  • Able to understand the level of Preparation
  • Clear Misconception regarding the exam
  • Area of improvement
  • Fine unit-wise Tests
  • Ensure strong concept building
  • Superior Full length tests in exam pattern
  • Specific strategies to be applied to cracks exams
  • To teach various methods on how to effectively solve problems
  • Time-Bound methods of solving the questions

Program’s outline


  • Basics of websites ( URL, www, domain name, web server, client-server communication)
  • Concept of static and dynamic websites


  • Study of required tools and techniques
  • About server, editors, Machine configuration etc


  • (Tags, type of tags with example (empty tags, container tags), structure, form, table, div, span etc.)
  • The design of the different type of designs structures.


  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Definition and requirement of js. Variable in js.
  • Event handling with js. Function in Js.
  • JS Function calling and operation.
  • Form validation.
  • Meaning of server side / Client Side scripting with example

CSS (Cascading style sheet)

  • Basics of CSS
  • The requirement of CSS.
  • Create a CSS file, CSS class, id etc.
  • CSS including methods. (External, Internal and inline CSS)


  • Basics of Php
  • Some Basic Php Functions
  • Validations
  • Conditional Statements (if, if-else, else if, end if etc. )
  • Php Switch Statement
  • Array(Numeric, Associative array, Multidimensional array)
  • Looping: The while statement
  • Php functions
  • Form handling and values passing through post & Get Methods.
  • Date handling
  • Include, require, include once, require once etc.
  • File handling
  • Cookie & Session handling
  • Php mail
  • Debugging
  • Connection with database


  • Create, update, and select etc. basic queries.
  • Mysql GUI Operations(view structure, export, import, drop, empty, privileges)

PROJECT (Front End, Admin Panel, Database)

Admin Panel:

  • HTML Integrations
  • Login Page: Concept of session and cookies.
  • Forget Password
  • Edit Admin Profile
  • Basic Managers: (Operations Create, Edit, Delete, View)
  • Assignment

Front End:

  • HTML Integrations
  • CMS Pages (About Us, Privacy, Policy Etc.)
  • Another Site Pages (Base On the site requirement)
  • Contact Us / Feed Back
  • Image Gallery
  • Online Information Form


  • Create Database and tables
  • Select multiple results
  • Delete records


  • Introduction and general awareness of advance tool and technique.
  • Tools like AJAX, Jquery (with example)
  • Php Editors (For formatting)
  • Basic Idea and overview of Open Sources, Frameworks
  • Interview Questions

Who Should Attend?

Students are expected to have the basic knowledge of Computers and web.

Benefits to students

  • You get larger opportunities than any other web-specific programming language. It is becoming more popular among enterprise solutions, which makes it a more large-scale option.
  • One difference between PHP and other languages is that it can be processed inside of HTML. This makes it very convenient. PHP is also open source it means free for use.
  • You will learn all essential skill required for building a database driven website by using PHP and MySQL.
  • Students are also benefited with a 7% off on the price of the course when availed through Edufers.

Duration of the training/course?

  • The course is scheduled for 45 days.
  • Duration: Everyday 2 hours
  • We will let you know the timings as per the batch allotted to you. Stay rest assured!
  • By availing the following course from Edufers, you will be benefited by 7% off !


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