How to qualify IAS (Indian Administrative Service) in first

How to qualify IAS (Indian Administrative Service) in the First Attempt

For the candidates who want to become civil servants, the goal is to join the Indian Administrative Service or Indian Police Service or Indian Revenue Service or Indian Forest Service. A careful planning to achieve something with-in the given limitations under a certain timeframe can help you build a strategic path! Difficult to comprehend? Differentiate your doubts in the comments section because Edufers has brought this post to integrate your marks.

Willing to have a strategic planning pre-prepared? Well here is what you are looking for-

Step 1: Time Management

When you think about the strategy to crack the civil services exam in the first attempt, the foremost idea which comes to your mind is that one should start preparing with sufficient time in hand. If you fail to do this, it might be difficult to cross the first stage which is the preliminary exam, which may result in adverse impact on your motivation level.

Jotting down for the best time? Here it is –

The best time to start preparing is from the mid of May or the beginning of June, which is soon after your final exams of graduation or post-graduation. If you are appearing for the graduation or post graduation exam in May 2017, you should aim for the civil services exam of 2018. This gives you one and a half years to prepare well in hand before the main exam of 2017. This is a sufficient time frame to be successful in your first attempt.

Step 2: Short Notes

Just time management is not enough. You need to utilize this time in a very efficient manner, such that you clear important concepts in less amount of time. You must prepare short notes so that you can revise the entire study material as the exams approach. But to sustain the effort for such a long time, you need to remain motivated throughout this period and maintain good health.

Step 3: Focus

Now when you have managed your time efficiently and also prepared short quick notes for revision, but it’s all about the will which will drive you in this long journey. There might be many obstacles in the path, but outstanding them will make your success taste awesome! Without hurdles, there’s no real taste of victory!

The most important part of the strategy is to remain focused on the main goal. Many students prepare for multiple exams in order to have a backup. In fact its the most common mistake done by aspirants with the idea of playing it safe. In such a situation, the amount of time you have gets divided for various exams. You must realize that properly preparing for the civil services exam is not a part-time job. It is a fact that if you are fully devoted to preparing for the civil services exam without pursuing any other studies, competitive exams or job, your concentration level will be at its peak and this would give you the best results. The desire to grab one job or the other and playing it safe leads to failure on all fronts.

That’s not the end! Interesting facts yet to come!

It will be interesting to know that there is no competition at the top. If you appear for the competitive exam of clerical level jobs, there would be lakhs of students who are competing with each other. However, there is less competition for the civil services exam. There were seven lakh students who applied for the preliminary exam of civil services in May 2015. But by the time it was August, only 4.7 lakh candidates could muster the courage to appear for it. So, have you heard of any competition where almost 38 per cent of the candidates drop the idea of just appearing for the exam? Yeah! It’s these Civil Exams. Also, the cut-off percentage for the preliminary exam is about 62 percent, which appears less when it comes to competition. As competition increases, the cutoff too gradually keeps increasing. Those who scored 62 or more percentage are called to appear for the main exam in which 18,000 candidates qualified. Of the 18,000 students, 3,308 have been called to appear for the interview for the 1,291 jobs. If you look at the percentage of marks obtained by students in the 2014 civil services exam, you will find that the candidates who got just 32.5 per cent marks were called for the interview, and after adding the marks of the interview, those who got an aggregate of just 38.5 per cent got the jobs! So, don’t worry about the cutoff, and give your best shot!

Are you seriously dedicating your time for the exam? If Yes, then keep going as the next interesting fact might boost your motivation!

Do you think that getting 40 per cent marks is so difficult? What other facts can be interpreted with the percent marks? In fact, it indicates that the candidates who are appearing for the civil services exam are not all that serious. It could be because of several reasons. Maybe they are pursuing some other studies and considering the Civil Exam as a backup, or few of them already have a job and yeah! few of them taking the exam for granted.  But if you focus only on the exam wholeheartedly, nobody can stop you from becoming an IAS officer!

Now, the next interesting fact is-

The ‘Commissioner of Income Tax’, ‘Indian Revenue Service’ and ‘ex-Indian Forest Service officer’ have helped us draft this post exclusively for you! So do follow the above-mentioned rules and stay at the heights of success.

Here, we provide guidelines for attempting the paper:

Guidelines for attempting the paper:

  • Firstly, the candidates should focus on easy questions
  • The candidates should leave the difficult questions
  • Also, the candidates should make only intelligent guesses and not random guesses
  • Now the focus should be on revision and not on covering new topics
  • Practice as many test papers as possible

Less time left? No proper printed text to refer for IAS Exam? Need Already prepared Short Notes and a Perfect Guide to show you the right path in this long journey? Well.. Here’s another interesting fact!
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