How to Crack Gate Exam in First Attempt

How to crack Gate Exam in the very First Attempt with flying colours?

It’s true that the GATE exam is one of the challenging exams conducted in India. How should the preparation be in proportion to the toughness of exam? Our subject experts are here to guide you with few tips and tricks to let you score with flying colors!

So here we begin…Candidates are advised to prepare right from the beginning and in a systematic manner for the exam.

Firstly, candidates are advised to prepare right from the beginning and in a systematic manner for the exam.

Secondly, let us get familiar with the exam and its pattern. The questions in the paper may be designed to test the following abilities:

  • Memory:

These are based on facts, principles, laws of the discipline of the paper. Aspirants are expected to answer either from his/her memory of the subject or at most from a one-line computation.

  • Comprehension:

These questions will test the candidate’s understanding of the basics of her/his field by making simple conclusions from fundamental ideas.

  • Analysis and composite:

In these questions, candidate has to present with data, diagrams, images etc. as these are the requirement of analysis before a question arise. Questions category can be, for e.g., candidates are asked to recognizing unstated assumptions, separating useful information from irrelevant information, etc.

After knowing the ingredients of the exam in brief, let’s look out for how to acquire the required skills to crack the exam in the very first attempt.

How to Improve Your Memory for Studying

  1. To initiate with a great step, you must properly gain knowledge about all the fundamentals of your practical subject. Once your foundation is all set then test yourself on different factors (all aspects of exam).
  2. Observe that where you stand in the queue of competition. Try your best to solve as much as you can. Mock tests will give you a clear picture of the competition in your preparations.
  3. Make core subjects all clear! Small-big and every doubt on every particular topic should be crystall clear. Practice hard on the numerical portion as they can offer you a chance to score full marks.
  4. Gather and study the complete syllabus of the GATE exam as per your field.
  5. Start your studies with the part (section-wise) of the syllabus that you have already studied in your earlier classes, this will boost up your level of confidence.
  6. In the GATE examination, nearly 25 marks are for the Mathematics Section.  So, make this portion your way to get good marks as math is quite a simple as compared to other parts of the syllabus.
  7. Give the concentration to aptitude part too as it carries 15 marks. From this portion, one can easily score extra marks.
  8. There also exists negative marking in the exam, that yet adds a level to the exam! Hence, answer only those questions that you are sure of. Don’t waste your time on any question, even if you were once familiar with the question.


As the date approaches nearby, do not panic and stressed. It is just an Exam, and not worthy than your life! Be confident of what you have learnt till then and better revise only that portion which you are familiar with. Don’t open up a chapter and study it for the last moment! It increases your stress level and you might not be able to answer those questions also which you mastered before!

For a good and excellent performance all you need is to have a stable mind, so that you can concentrate in a better way & also avoid disturbances and distractions.

If you are the kind of student who panics before the exam, even if you are well-prepared, then here’s a note for you –

Best Tips to Overcome Fear GATE Exam

  • Scoring Tips

Before beginning your preparation, take a clear note and thorough tour of the complete syllabus. After decided on the paper you will appear for, check the syllabus for that particular paper only. Those subjects and topics that you have already studied in graduation but are not in GATE syllabus, should be again reviewed properly.

Practice previous year question papers as much as you can, as it will not only help you to know where you lack, but also let you know your strength. Gain confidence by studying exclusive topics marked in the GATE syllabus. Keeping a proper track and evaluating your strengths and weaknesses while practising will boost your preparation level!

Finally, we wish you All The Best for your GATE preparation and Exam! Hope you excel out as the Best!

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