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5 Things to Keep in Mind For JEE Counselling

5 Things to Keep in Mind For JEE Counselling

With the entrance exams done with, we can breathe a sigh of relief.  The tough part is behind us but we all have the nerve-wracking process of college counselling to go through. With so many online resources, varied opinions from distant relatives (whom you have never met before), a gazillion disciplines and their scope to consider, counselling can be quite an ordeal.
We have put together a few pointers aspirants out there that will help you make an informed choice during the counselling process and prevent you from getting the short end of the stick.



There will be a lot of insights pouring in, be it your teachers, parents, cousins, distant relatives (these by far will be the most abundant and ironically, largely useless) and your fellow aspirants too. But the research you do on your own will be the one that adds the most value.
You know your needs best and a little introspection on your part will also help you better understand what you want from college and as a result where you can get it from. Talk to college undergrads, read up online about the college culture, the alumni, the faculty and their facilities. All in all, good research is essential for making a well informed choice. Things to Keep in Mind For JEE Counselling engineerbazaar


2.Make a Priority Order

The next step after doing your research is to make a priority order of the colleges (and disciplines). There are a lot of factors that will weigh in while making your priority order. Your ranking in the exams will narrow your choices to a pool of streams at various colleges that you may take up. Here are a few factors to consider while making your priority order.
Make a Priority Order engineerbazaar

    1. Quality of faculty– faculty research, ratio of professors to lecturers or asst. professors, pioneering endeavors, heavyweights.
    2. Curriculum diversity– number of courses offered, scope of study, research opportunities available(we have demystified a few courses for you here).
    3. Infrastructure– Lab Facilities, sporting facilities, basic amenities, campus accessibility etc.
    4. Campus Culture– extracurricular activities, college fests, student clubs and societies, sports teams, hostel life and the alumni network (here is what life at BITS Pilani is like).
    5. Placements– the number and kind of companies that come for campus placements, core companies and their placement history.

3.Have a Backup College

  1. Now that you have your priority list, you can proceed to fill all those preference forms (yup, there are a lot of those).But remember to always have a backup. We all wish to get into that one dream college; this however doesn’t mean that you don’t prepare for any other outcome apart from the ideal one. Counselling trends may change and surprise you, the first round results could be disappointing. Thus it will always serve you well to have a backup or two.
    Having a backup means that you are prepared mentally and also logistically (fees, travel and accommodation wise) in case of not getting your preferred choice. We wish that all of you get the college that you want but in retrospect you will appreciate having a backup on hand.

4.Don’t Be Hast

  1.  Now we all know how excited you are about the first round of counselling and it’s easy to get carried away when the first allotment is put out. Being hasty and freezing your allotment is not a very prudent decision. Your allotment might move up along your preference order as subsequent iterations of counselling results are announced.

It certainly does feel good to have an acceptance letter from a college, it’s the kind of tangible validation that we all crave for at that time. But being too eager also means that you might miss out on a much better opportunity. So sit tight and analyze all your options before locking a choice, keep a note of last dates for filling and see how much you can stall before locking a choice.Don't Be Hasty engineerbazaar

5. Dates, Documents and Destinations


  1. With everything set and you well on your way to college counselling, here is the last but by and large the most crucial part to remember. Make sure you have the originals and copies of all documents required ( birth certificates, 12th pass certificates, mark sheets, admit cards, passport size photos, address proofs, acceptance letter, passport, a clover leaf, rabbits foot, a horcrux they will ask for it all and you got to be ready with it).
    Mark all dates on a calendar, they are easier to track that way and also ensure you don’t miss any deadline in all the frenzy. Most colleges conduct their counselling online but a select few still do theirs on campus and you might have to be physically present on campus to register. Being prepared with your bookings and tickets will prove to be prudent and economical.
  2. Keep these in mind and the counselling process will be a breeze. As we have mentioned earlier the counselling process is a tough time for us all. A time we all get through eventually to the open vistas of college life which has a lot of new and exciting things in store. On the flipside if you don’t get the choice that you wanted, don’t be too disheartened. College life is what you make of it and you can choose to make it large.


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